Cheerleading Stunts: How to do a Front Tuck

Cheerleading stunts training on how to do a front tuck.

This is a good tutorial on doing a front tuck and can really help your stunting abilities

Cheerleading Stunts: How to do a Toe Touch

The toe touch is one of the most basic cheer moves.  This is a great video that covers how to do a proper toe touch.

Stretching and strength is important when doing toe touches. ¬†Resistance bands can really help out with your training. If you haven’t tried using resistance bands to help you with your training then now would be a good time to get the edge.

Cheerleading Stunts and Pyramids

Cheerleading stunts and pyramids are important tools for any cheerleader squad. Here are some different videos showing a variety of pyramids.

Varsity cheerleader pyramid stunt.

This next video shows a pretty cool superman pyramid cheer stunt.

I thought that one was pretty awesome.

Next up we have the cartwheel pyramid cheerleading stunt.

I really liked that one. Cheerleading pyramids can get pretty technical.

Cheerleading Stunts Fail

Not all cheerleading stunts go as planned as this video shows.

Cheerleading stunt falls. I’m sure she is okay.

Cheerleading Stunts Back Handspring

This cheerleading stunts video is more of a how to than a watch in awe like some of the others. Learn how to do a back handspring for cheer stunts.

Cheer stunts and cheer jumps. How to do a back handspring in cheerleading.

EHS Cheer Stunts Group

I thought this was a good chearleading stunts video so I thought I would share. What do you think about it?

Pretty good right? If you think so leave a comment below.

Compilation of Cheerleading Stunts

Here are some cheerleading stunts that are pretty cool. This video is a collection of different stunts put to music. Some of the cheer stunts are amazing.

Cool right? Don’t some of these stunts just get you pumped?

Awesome Cheerleading Stunts

Here is a famous and incredible cheerleading stunts video. You may have seen it, but what cheer stunts blog would be complete with out it?

Pretty awesome right?

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